Simple Faith

Prayer for Energy

A prayer for energy is a powerful tool for invigorating the soul and asking for divine guidance. It has been used throughout history as a … Read more

Prayer for Lost Souls

Prayer for lost souls is a powerful form of spiritual healing. It can bring comfort, peace, and hope to those who have been struggling with … Read more

Psalms for Healing

The book of Psalms gives us wonderful scriptures that are helpful when seeking healing in times of sickness. No matter the situation or the pain … Read more

Prayer for surgery

Prayer for surgery

Prayer can relieve difficulty and heal wounds. Prayer for surgery can help both before, during and after surgery. And only those who have gone through … Read more

Prayer for sick dog

Prayer for sick dog

We can use prayers to express our hearts to God about anything. This includes talking to him about our pets. God created pets and so … Read more

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