Prayer of Thanksgiving

The prayer of thanksgiving is important to many believers. It shows appreciation to God for everything He is to us and for everything He has … Read more

Prayer for surgery

Prayer for surgery

Prayer can relieve difficulty and heal wounds. Prayer for surgery can help both before, during and after surgery. And only those who have gone through … Read more

Prayer for sick dog

Prayer for sick dog

We can use prayers to express our hearts to God about anything. This includes talking to him about our pets. God created pets and so … Read more

Prayers for Strength

“I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me” – A piece of our collection of Prayers for Strength. This passage in Philippians shows … Read more


Prayer for Peace

It’s easy for us all to feel stressed out and overwhelmed, particularly with the obstacles and challenges that our hectic and fast-paced modern world pushes … Read more

prayer with lights

Prayers of the Faithful

While the pattern of prayer has changed considerably throughout the history of Christianity, Prayers of the Faithful remain a deeply important part of the spiritual … Read more

Group prayer for healing

Prayer for Healing

Prayer for healing is part of the bedrock foundation that the Bible is built on top of, one of the most fundamental of all of … Read more

body prayer bowing

Body Prayer

Prayer is the communication process that allows us to talk to God. It is our direct link to heaven. And prayer was established by God … Read more

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