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It’s easy for us all to feel stressed out and overwhelmed, particularly with the obstacles and challenges that our hectic and fast-paced modern world pushes upon us. You can turn to Prayer for Peace.

Thankfully, in these times of uncertainty and angst, we can turn to the power of prayer and the power of the Lord to help us navigate our way through the sometimes rough and rocky waters.

A prayer for peace is a powerful prayer indeed, asking our heavenly father not to solve all of our issues, to take away the obstacles and challenges that help us learn and grow, or to give us some sort of shortcut past the trials and tribulations that help us mold our lives closer to the image He has for us.

No, a prayer for peace is instead often a prayer for serenity, for clarity, and for the strength to tackle the challenges that can transform our lives and our spirits for the better. It is with these prayers that we ask the Lord not to make our lives simpler but instead to give us the strength and the peace of mind to navigate these challenges with His assistance.

Best of all, it is in these moments of praying for peace and calming that we feel His light shining on our souls. We can feel our spirits lifted, feel ourselves become armored by His love, and can lean into His protection knowing that if we will only trust in the Lord with all our heart we will get through anything and everything our world may throw at us.

Proverbs has many examples of peace scriptures specifically highlighting this fact, particularly Proverbs 3:5 where the Lord tells us that if we will only trust him and choose not to lean only on our own understanding together we can conquer all.

Prayers for Peace are Unselfish

One of the most beautiful things about the power of peaceful prayers, about appealing to our heavenly father for peace in your life and the lives of others, is that these types of prayers are anything but selfish or self-centered.

As we highlighted above, when you have these kinds of prayers in your heart and when you are sending these prayers to the Lord, you aren’t asking for direct or indirect assistance in lightening your burden or the burdens of others.

Instead, you’re asking for the peace and calming effect that the love of our heavenly father has to offer each and every one of us, complete and unconditional, and a love that can fill our minds, our spirits, and our souls with the kind of serenity we need to navigate challenges and obstacles.

Very often we ask our heavenly father to shower peace upon those we know are challenged and struggling. We ask for this not for selfish or self-centered reasons but instead because of the love we have for the power of our Lord as well as the love we have for others in our lives, in our community, and in our world.

These kinds of prayers are beloved by our heavenly father, something made quite clear in Matthew. One of the most famous peace scriptures in the entirety of the Bible, Matthew 5:9 tells us that peacemakers are blessed and that they shall be called the sons of God.

We know that it is His wish for peace to flourish on earth, even though the will of man and the sinful nature of our modern world sometimes stand in opposition to that desire. May the peace of God shine on you, your loved ones, and your community as we strive to be better today than we were yesterday.

Prayer for peace

Here’s What the Bible Says about the Power of Peace Prayers

There is a mountain of evidence throughout the Bible that shows just how important our God sees the power of peace, with important scripture and lessons doubted throughout the Bible and a core tenant and foundation of Christianity as a whole.

In John 16:33 the Lord says that he has shared His word with all of us so that we may have peace on earth, even though the world and our daily lives will challenge us and will put obstacles in our way. He wants us to know that He understands that these challenges are there to test and shape us, but also wants us to know that He has overcome the world – and that we may as well through his teachings.

We learn in Thessalonians that our heavenly father considers himself the Lord of peace, that he will give us peace at all times and in every way, and that all we have to do for these prayers for peace to be answered is to let him into our lives.

It’s important that this particular point in time to understand that even God recognizes that we aren’t always going to be able to live in a constant state of serenity, bliss, and happiness.

There are sure to be times of struggle, times of pain and sadness, and times when we just aren’t able to find any peace no matter how hard we look or how hard we pray. It’s in these moments that the Lord asks that we cast our anxieties onto him, basking in his eternal love and his eternal light, so that we may feel peace when our hearts, our minds, and our spirits are more willing to accept it.

A Closer Look at What Jesus Says About Peace

Everything Jesus did and continues to do as revolved around peace and prosperity, all of it coming from an everlasting and unconditional love for each and every one of us.

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, highlighted in Luke, we learn about how peace-loving and how supportive Jesus and his message are. We are commanded to love God with all of our heart, all of our soul, and all of our strength but we are also commanded to love our neighbors with the same kind of spirit, the same kind of energy, and the same kind of conviction.

Jesus goes even further when speaking in Matthew, telling us that there’s real power in prayer when we wish for peace with even our most hated and despised enemies. He calls upon us to live to a higher standard than those we may recognize all around us, doing our level best to bring peace and calming to any and every person that our lives might touch (no matter how fleeting those moments might be).

It’s in the book of Matthew that we also learn of the sincerity Jesus has about putting away our swords. Not only does Jesus say that those living by the sword will also die by it, but he also tells us that Our Kingdom is not of this world but of another. He asks that we seek the Kingdom of Heaven and all the glory it campus tour upon us before all else, and only after we find peace here will we be provided with everything we truly need.

Granted, it is not always easy to follow in the footsteps of Jesus as consistently or as wholeheartedly as the Son of God as we might like.

We are, after all, merely flesh and blood and prone to sin but the important thing is that we recognize these failings and the shortcomings and understand that there’s power in prayer – especially prayer for peace – that can help us to course correct when we feel we are drifting further from the light than we would like.

It’s in these moments that prayer for peace, prayer for serenity, and prayer for relief are most valuable. These are the times you want to turn to peace Bible verses that can solidify your feelings and your emotions, helping you to feel closer to our heavenly father and his teachings even when struggling with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

How to Achieve Peace Through the Power of Prayer

At the end of the day, it is critical to remember that Jesus promises each and every one of his followers that truly believes the type of peace that the world around us cannot bestow.

Through the power of prayer and the power of your conviction, you will be able to enjoy an inward peace that overcomes all else, a peace and calmness that you can draw from whenever you are feeling down and under attack, a sense of serenity and confidence that everything in your life can and will be overcome through faith and your connection to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and our heavenly father.

The best way that you can honor your faith and honor your Christian teachings is to embrace the pathway of Jesus Christ himself, the pathway of a pacemaker.

There will be moments in your life where peace feels completely unattainable and elusive. There will be moments that this world truly tests you and your faith, shakes you to your very core, and forces you to contend with feelings, emotions, and situations that you may not feel totally prepared for.

It is in these moments that you’ll want to remember that everyone throughout history has struggled with these exact same feelings, contended with these exact same emotions, and have lived these same thoughts.

Many of them were able to overcome these great challenges and obstacles by leaning on the power of prayer and prayer for peace, peace of mind, peace for their community, and peace for the world at large.

Lean on your favorite scriptures, study peace Bible verses that can fill you with confidence and faith going forward, and continue to reach out to our heavenly father through prayer to help deliver you through these challenging times in life.

Reject the thoughts that would lead you down more destructive pathways and look always for ways to bring one another together rather than to tear one another apart. The last thing you want to find yourself struggling with our feelings of whether or not peace is even possible.

In those moments choose to rely on the power of prayer, choose to lean on the power of love and life, and believe in not only the miracle of prayer for peace but also in the power of Jesus and the Lord to see that each and every one of the faithful followers are taking care of, embraced, and rewarded.

Remember this always – You are never alone for you have your faith, Jesus, and our Lord God supporting you every single step of your entire journey.

Peace, though sometimes elusive, always comes to those that believe.


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