Prayers for Strength

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“I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me” – A piece of our collection of Prayers for Strength.

This passage in Philippians shows the power of prayer, how Christians can be strengthened through the word, and how even the biggest obstacles and challenges we all may face pale in comparison to the power and support we get through our faith in Jesus Christ and our heavenly father.

Prayers for strength can turn the tide against illness and disease, can carry us through serious barriers and obstacles, and can support us when we aren’t sure if our strength alone is enough to take on our burdens.

As humans, we are all naturally and intrinsically flawed, not at all three of Original Sin, and will continue to be challenged throughout our lives. This is exactly as the Lord has intended though is frequently something that we forget when we are facing these challenges and these difficulties in the moment.

Thankfully though, those of the faith understand that they are never truly alone no matter what else has transpired and no matter who else has abandoned them.

At the end of the day, prayer for strength is always going to be answered, even if it isn’t answered in the most obvious or overt kinds of ways.

If you are faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ, believe in our Lord God, and are serious in your convictions the power of prayer can transform the moments where we feel weakest into moments where we feel unbelievably strong.

Praying for Strength

If there’s one thing we all can be 100% certain of in this life is that there are going to be moments (quite a few of them, in fact) where we are going to have to struggle, where we are going to feel lost and weak, and where we are going to be overwhelmed by the obstacles and burdens that we have been presented.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that in these exact moments – in these areas of our lives – we are being challenged to overcome, to push forward, and to lead lives that are is filled with the faith as possible.

It is in these moments that our Lord above is asking us to trust him, to lean on him, and to rely on the power of prayer to see us through to the other side.

All of us will feel lost and directionless at times. We will feel as though we have lost our way, have strayed too far from the path, and are teetering on the breach of being irredeemable.

These moments are when we need to pray the hardest when we need to redirect our heart and our soul to center back on God and His Word, and rely on Jesus Christ to deliver us to the Kingdom of God as he tells us in John 3:5.

If we’ll trust in the power of prayers for strength, strength will be delivered and we too shall overcome.

What the Bible Tells Us About Prayers for Strength

The entirety of the Bible provides messages of strength through the power of Jesus Christ and our Lord in heaven, reminding us on a constant basis that we are never really alone and that we always have a source of unending strength to pull from when we feel as though we are under siege and overwhelmed.

In Isaiah we are told by God that we should fear not, that we are not alone and that God himself will strengthen us. We are told that he will help us always, that he will uphold us with His righteous right hand, and that he will protect us unconditionally.

We are also told the value of being strong and courageous. The value is not showing fear or living a life of dread and anxiety, again because our Lord God is always beside us and that he will never forsake or abandon us.

Also in Isaiah we are told that those that believe, those that have faith, and those that continue to renew their commitment to Jesus Christ and our Lord will have their strength refreshed. We are told that they will have wings like eagles, that they will run and not be weary, and that they will walk and never faint.

Time after time we are reminded that we are never facing our challenges or burdens without help, but also that we aren’t just getting help and assistance from those we love here on earth. We always have a never-ending supply of strength and support from our heavenly father, someone that wants the best for us, wants us to succeed, wants us to be strong, and wants us to enjoy peace and prosperity through prayers for strength.

If we remember the message in Exodus 15:2, that the Lord is our strength and our song and that he has become our salvation, we will never have to feel our strength depart us again.

Prayers for strength

Strengthening Your Emotional and Mental Health Through the Power of Prayer

Life throughout history, but especially now in a world as fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming as the one we currently reside in, is always stress filled, riddled with danger, and filled with anxiety as well as pressure-packed situations.

Sure, we may not face the same kind of threats to our overall survival that we may have in the past. We live in incredibly peaceful times (at least relative to the rest of human history) but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t stressed out, anxious, and nervous about the course of our lives, the decisions that we make, and the future that we aren’t able to foresee or predict.

Thankfully though, the Bible and Jesus Christ himself anticipated this anxiety and this stress and told us all in Peter that we could simply cast our anxieties on Him because He cares for us, releasing us from these worries and these concerns through the power of our faith.

Peter knew that all of these earthly worries and concerns would pale in comparison to the power and might of our heavenly father, that they could be easily transferred to Him, and that he would understand, care for, and support us through these struggles.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and under siege you may find it very useful to list your anxieties, your stressors, and your worries out one by one, using the power of prayer to commune with God and asked that he take these anxieties in his hands and assist you in eliminating them from your life moving forward.

As with any prayers for strength, though, it’s important to remember that you may not find the answers through the means with which you would have liked them to be resolved. God frequently uses these stressful situations to test our faith, to strengthen our connection, and to bring us closer to His light – but there isn’t any point in time where He will abandon you.

Remember the words of Psalm 37:39 where we are told that the salvation of the righteous is delivered by our Lord, that he is our refuge in the time of trouble.

You may feel as though the tide has turned against you, that you are outnumbered and overwhelmed, and that your back is really up against the wall. This may cause you to make decisions that only exacerbate the issues, or it may cause you to embrace behaviors and habits that dole the pain or blunt your awareness.

Instead, turn to God, ask for help through prayers for strength, and lean on Bible verses about strength in hard times that can carry you through these challenges and transform you into a stronger person along the way.

In Psalm 144:3 we learn from God that our days are but a passing shadow and are challenged not to waste our time on earth clinging to feelings that pull us down. He wants us instead to celebrate as much of our lives as possible, to enjoy what little time we have on earth with our loved ones, and to create the kind of lasting memory that those we depart from can hold dear until they join us in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prayers for strength 2

Strengthening Your Body Through the Power of Prayer

There’s value in reminding yourself of the fact that God calls on each and every single one of us to make a total surrender to Him, to trust in Him when things are rough and rocky, and to ask Him for strength and support when we are feeling weak and tired.

If you are willing to ask the Lord to give you strength, to ask the Lord to protect your body and to help you carry burdens that you never thought possible to carry before, you’ll find that you are almost immediately refreshed and able to move forward renewed.

Many find themselves tired and weary, with energy levels that aren’t anywhere near what they need to accomplish the day-to-day missions or tasks that they have challenged themselves with. It’s easy to feel physically exhausted and overwhelmed in today’s fast-paced world, but leaning on Bible verses about strength in hard times can give you the strength you never knew existed inside you before.

The Lord has unparalleled powers to transform our health and physical strength in ways we couldn’t have possibly imagined. All it takes is prayers for strength.

There are countless stories of individuals asking “Lord give me strength, God give me strength” when they were at their weakest moments recovering almost instantly – miracles that only He can work – in the face of modern science and research saying these are impossibilities.

At the same time, your prayers for strength may not necessarily always be answered exactly at the moment you are asking. It’s very possible that God has decided to test you physically to strengthen your body, to strengthen your muscles, and to strengthen your spirit against burdens and obstacles you’ll have to tackle later on in life – situations you couldn’t possibly foresee but situations that God understands perfectly.

Remember what we are told in Isaiah 58:11, the message that the Lord is always there to guide us and that he will satisfy all of our physical needs and strengthen our frame.

As long as we remain faithful, as long as we remain committed, and as long as we remain sincere in our beliefs in Jesus Christ and our heavenly father he will make sure that we are always provided with the strength we need to see ourselves through whatever we are facing, that we are like a well-watered garden and a spring whose waters never fail.

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Prayer for Peace

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